Is my child eligible for tutoring with ethical education?

Every student has the potential to be eligible for tutoring with Ethical Education. You may be eligible for tutoring if you:
- Are in Years 10, 11 or 12;
- Study a mainstream subject such as Mathematics, English, Sciences and some Humanities;
- Face barriers to accessing education — e.g. lack of resources; can’t afford expensive tutoring services, etc.

The above criteria is not exhaustive.

How much do lessons cost for my child?

Ethical Education offers $5 lessons in a 10-week block after trial lesson. If you’re satisfied with your tutor, you can begin your 10-week block for $50.

The payment is due before the third paid lesson. If you cannot pay upfront, Ethical Education offers a 4 x $12.50 payment plan.

Which subjects are offered for tutoring?

Ethical Education offers tutoring for a number of subjects — including, but not limited to: English, Mathematics, Sciences and various Humanities subjects.

You can find a full list of our subjects in our Student Application Form.

Who are the tutors for ethical education?

Ethical Education goes to great lengths to ensure our tutors are highly qualified in their field of expertise. We ensure all our tutors have studied — or are currently studying — at University; excelled in their final assessments for Year 12; and have a passion for developing students academically and holistically.

Where will lessons take place?

The beauty of Ethical Education is that it’s accessible for everyone. All you need is either an internet connection and or a device to hear or see your tutor remotely!

Tutors must always have their cameras on during the lesson. While it’s not compulsory for students to do the same, we do encourage it!

Where does my money go?

Ethical Education’s Constitution unambiguously states we are a not-for-profit educational organisation committed to making education accessible for those who need it most. All money is therefore reinvested into the organisation so we can improve the experience and reach of our service to current and prospective students.


What do I need to become a tutor?

Ethical Education wants tutors who are happy to mentor students — academically and holistically.  This means you are enrolled in — or have studied at — a University; performed well in your final, Year 12 assessments; and can create a safe learning environment for prospective students.

Lessons are conducted online —ideally via Zoom or other remote, visual services — and tutors must keep their cameras on for the duration of the lessons. Ethical Education therefore strongly recommend a clear camera and reliable internet connection.

How long am I expected to stay with my student?

Given our tutors are volunteers, we understand it can be hard to commit one hour per week as a volunteer.

In saying that, we believe continuity with a student is key to forming fostering a safe and encouraging environment for that student, so Ethical Education encourages tutors to stay on for at least two, 10-week blocks.

Sponsors / Donors

How do I sponsor or make a one-off donation to ethical education?

Ethical Education thanks all individuals and entities interested in contributing to our services.

Should you be interested in furthering our cause, please email info@ethicaleducation.com.au