Our Story

We want education to be fair.

In high school, our founding team were in an environment where every student was getting tutored — as if this were the only way to achieve their academic goals. What about the students whose parents couldn’t afford tutoring? Or the students who had to work part-time jobs, and didn’t have the time for out-of-school lessons?

Ethical Education’s affordable and flexible approach aims to address the inequity within the schooling system to ensure every student is able to access the support they need.

Ethical Education believes in fostering high-quality individuals both as a student and person. That is why we ensure our tutors believe in fostering academic and personal excellence, encouraging a well-rounded approach to life.

Education is more than just academics.

Now that one-to-one tutoring has become the norm, it’s created an even bigger divide between those who can afford education support and those who cannot. While there are some programs that offer free or reduced-rate tutoring, they are often not as effective as private tutoring. As a result, underprivileged students often fall behind their more affluent peers.

One way to level the playing field is to provide free or reduced-rate tutoring services. By giving all students access to the same quality of education, we can help to close the achievement gap.

Proudly a not-for-profit.

In 2022, we became a registered not-for-profit charity. We are so proud of this achievement. We strive to match students with the perfect tutor through our community of dedicated tutors and staff that all volunteer their time to ensure this great cause continues.

From our founders through to our tutors, all members of Ethical Education are dedicated to the same cause, to make Education more accessible. No-one in the organisation receives a salary and all funds received through tutoring are filtered back into Ethical Education with the intention to grow and scale our offer.


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Meet Some of Our Tutors

Meet Angus

Hi, I’m Angus Armstrong!

I graduated the University of Sydney in 2018 with a Bachelor of (Advanced) Science where I completed a double major in Neuroscience and Physiology. Aside from training, I continue my "informal" liberal arts degree by reading all the classics, non-fiction best-sellers and (a little bit of) fantasy fiction when I can.

Why Ethical Education? For me, I value education highly, and believe everyone deserves the option to further their learning. Tutoring also brings me great enjoyment. Naturally, an opportunity to do just that here was super appealing!

Meet Ben

Hi, I’m Ben Stals!

I'm a 19 year old Commerce/Computer Science student at UNSW, and I’ve been working as a high school tutor since I completed my HSC in 2018. In that time, I’ve really enjoyed tutoring keen students and have found it rewarding to provide help to those who need it. Outside of uni and work, I love basketball and going to the beach.

I believe that every child should have access to extra help outside of the classroom, whether their parents can afford it or not, and I've seen the difference that an hour each week can make.

Meet Serena

Hi, I'm Serena Lin!

I studied a Bachelor of Music/Education at university, which encapsulate my interests – I am excited about helping others learn, and I love exploring my creative side through music. I would say that I am someone who tries to take a crack at everything and am open to all experiences.

To me, Ethical Education is a valuable organisation with an inspiring mission statement to bridge the gap in access to quality education. As an educator myself, I have a passion for helping all students to learn. I'm motivated by the opportunity to make a powerful, positive impact!